Here, you can find a list of books and articles that have been published or are in progress. You can also download copies of work that has been published or is under review.


Contesting Identities in South Sinai: Development, Transformation, and the Articulation of a “Bedouin” Identity under Egyptian Rule (2013). Tel Aviv: The Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African History (and Syracuse University Press). Download here

contesting identities cover


“‘In the Wider View’: The Geostrategic Determinants of Counterinsurgency Strategy and Adaptation, Evidence from the Palestine Mandate.” Security Studies Volume 29, Issue 1 (Forthcoming, January 2020). Download here

Articles Under Review:

“Shirking the Briggs Plan: Civilian Obstruction of Political Reform during the Malayan Emergency, 1950-1952” (under review, Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History) Download here

In Progress

“Compelling Collaboration: Reconceptualizing the Logics of Collective Violence during Irregular Warfare, Evidence from Palestine.”

“Causal Process Observations and Mechanisms-based Approaches to Process Tracing in Security Studies.”

Non-Academic articles:

“Shades of Sinai’s Instability.” (2012). Sada, The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

“Explaining Violence in the Sinai Peninsula” (2013). – Listed as one of the 13 best articles on Muftah from 2013.

“Egypt’s Assault on Sinai.” (2014). Sada, The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.