Update (August 2020): I am pleased to announce that my working paper on Civil-Military conflict in Malaya was accepted by The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History. You can find a copy of the paper here.

Update (June 2020): I am beginning as an assistant professor of international security studies at the Air War College, Maxwell AFB this summer.

My research focuses on the politics of strategic planning during counterinsurgency and the tendency of expeditionary counterinsurgents to adopt and retain ineffective strategy.

More broadly, my research is concerned with the ways in which political interests and processes shape 1) the strategies adopted by combatants, and 2) civil-military relations within campaigns, especially during irregular warfare, as well as the ways in which these strategies impact non-combatant behavior, and how these interactions shape campaign outcomes.

Prior to serving at the War College, I was a visiting assistant professor in the Government Department at St. Lawrence University, in Canton, NY. I received my PhD in Political Science at Yale University in 2010, and my MA in Middle East History at Tel Aviv University in 2010.